Document Scanning

You can scan multiple documents which is compatible with all latest Industry standard scanners (ADF). The batch manager which comes with the scanner module scans the documents in batches and the documents can be separated either by barricades or batch separator sheets. This identifies both horizontal and vertical barcodes and they can be used for indexing purposes.

Full page OCR and Zonal OCR are supported. Using Full Page OCR, the entire page content can be indexed for quick search and retrieval purposes. With the use of Zonal OCR, key indexing fields can be identified like, Invoice Numbers, etc. Unlike other scanning software, our scanning solution will not cost any ongoing expenses. This Document Scanning is totally integrated with Tishansoft archiving system. So once the documents are scanned, they are ready for retrieval by anyone who has access into the system within seconds.

Document Scanning uses the ISIS® (Image and Scanner Interface Specification) libraries to support more than 300 scanners from several manufacturers, allowing you to use Document Scanning to adjust all scanner settings that are supported by your scanner. Scan profiles allow you to save the settings for common scanning tasks to simplify the scanning process.