Document Management

Viewing:- Document Management is also a high-performance image viewer that includes features to make it easy to display and manipulate images, including a main viewer, a thumbnails pane, fast scaling, rotation, annotations, conversion for binary images, and a pan window.

Automatic Color Detection:- The Auto Color Detection (ACD) filter identifies color pages from binary pages automatically while scanning.

MultiStreaming:- Document Management allows you to enable MultiStream functionality that allows you to create both color and binary images from a single source image.

Image Processing:- The Document Management suite of image processing filters can clean up dirty images, straighten crooked images caused by paper misalignment during scanning, remove black circles on images caused by punch holes, etc. These filters can be used individually or in sequence, and they can be configured to deliver the optimal results. Image processing filters can be applied to existing images opened in Document Management or automatically during a batch scan.

Job Separation:- Document Management supports the use of job separator pages to divide the documents in your batch into several multi-page images. You can separate your batches with barcodes, patchcodes, or blank pages.

Optical Character Recognition(OCR): Document Management allows users to perform full-page OCR or zonal OCR and export the OCR results. Indexing-Document Management enables users to index documents, adding detailed organizational information before saving or exporting them.

Exporting:- Document Management allows you to export index data and batch file information.

Digital Stamping:- Document Management allows you to add a Digital Stamp to pages of a batch.

Annotating:- The document Management's annotation tools give you the ability to add text, lines, highlights, arrows, and other objects to draw attention to a particular area of the page, to highlight or obscure passages, or to add explanatory information as text and pop-ups.

Saving:- Document Management saves images in a variety of standard image file formats and compression schemes, including TIFF Group 4.

Printing:- Document Management prints images using any standard Windows-supported printer.